Inside the Commander: “Pinkberry” thumbnail image

Inside the Commander: “Pinkberry”

New Video Day! Ryan is Top Dawg today- he just wrapped up directing and animating the first of many Dark Matter Video Presents shorts. This one stars Cobra Commander as he faces semi-retirement poorly. Mostly by relating his thoughts on Pinkberry. Have at it, Joe scum. P.S. Blackberry! It's a fruit!...

SCREENING PARTY, Y’ALL!!! thumbnail image


See Rogue Wing Episode Zero! Get blasted with Dark Matter Video! Friday May 17, 8pm The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave. We finally finished the short and found a screening venue. See two years of work boiled down to twelve minutes! Eh heh heh heh... ehhhhh... We implore you! We dare you! We want to ... is LIVE. Eat it. thumbnail image is LIVE. Eat it.

We finally got our shit together. Watch a teaser for Rogue Wing Episode Zero at If you're a producer or studio (or just reasonably cool) you can request to see the whole pilot. Big things are happening. In our pants. Stay tuned for the ...

Episode Zero DVD all up on here. thumbnail image

Episode Zero DVD all up on here.

Check the cover art.

Just some cool shit. thumbnail image

Just some cool shit.

The Rogue Wing Episode Zero Kickstarter Reward Tshirt color separation art, minus white ink.

Premature launch

We're testing our website Facebook integration.

Nearly at the station… thumbnail image

Nearly at the station…

Hey there guys. It's been a wild month. So many crazy things have happened. Noah was recently accepted to the NASA Space Fashion Program. Basically they take a bunch of nerds with great fashion sense and parade them around the galaxy for a month. It's very chic. Meanwhile I found ...

A spoooky Halloween update!!! thumbnail image

A spoooky Halloween update!!!

It's so scary because we're in bed. Together. Frightening huh? Anyways, I've said enough. I'll let the video tell you why we have not fulfilled our lengthy promises to you my lovelies. Stay safe out there kids. Wear a space condom....

We’re Animating! thumbnail image

We’re Animating!

Check out this awesome* sequence. Chuggin away!     (* Jk. This is super rough & weird. But somehow still awesome.)

Kickstarter Backer Thanks: New Alliances & DMV Codenames! thumbnail image

Kickstarter Backer Thanks: New Alliances & DMV Codenames!

Hello Cadets! Captain Hellrad and I were overjoyed to find out that we had not only cleared the requested amount of our Kickstarter pledge, but surpassed it by over 2 grand!

Kickstarter Project of the Day thumbnail image

Kickstarter Project of the Day

Wonder of wonders. You tolerate us! You really tolerate us! Thanks everyone!

A Kickstart for Rogue Wing!! thumbnail image

A Kickstart for Rogue Wing!!

Hello friends! Dark Matter Video has applied to raise funds on Kickstarter, and we got in! We made a video and everything. We're looking to raise (at least) $4,999.99 towards the completion of Rogue Wing Episode Zero. If you've never been on or heard of the site, go ...

“the universe, as it turns out, is mostly Kirby Krackle”

Gotta love this short and sweet post by Deb Chachra on Hilobrow about Jack Kirby (probably Captain Hellrad's favorite artist) and in particular his early recognition of that irresistible presence... DARK MATTER.

2.5 Wacom Tablets (Thx World Leaders)

Funny thing happened today. It started last night. We were looking online for some crew Wacom tablets with which to draw on, and not having much luck (seeing as how we have no money and it's very expensive to teleport electronics across interstellar distances to uncharted regions of space). E.g. ...

Adventures in Animation Software Suckage

Ok I'll admit it. Animating ...

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